Uses of AI Insights in Power BI Desktop

As the beginning of the holiday season, people celebrate Thanksgiving by hosting or attending dinners with those close to them. Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude for everything in life.

By Using AI Insights in PowerBI Desktop, we at Salespoint Inc. Have gathered survey data for the past 10 years to show how the spending structure of a household was affected by reasons like Covid and Inflation. We can see how the travelling was affected by Covid and how a household spending on items like gifts, wines etc. were changed during these times. Through this analysis we can also predict on how will people spend in 2022 and how inflation can have an effect on this prediction.


  1. Please use the left filter panel to see how the visuals interact based on the filters selected.
  2. Use the Predictive Analysis button to see the forecast of expenditure till 2024.

Click on the link below to access a live interactive report-Thanksgiving Day Expenditure Report (Predictive Analysis)

Some of the Features & Benefits of AI Insights In Power BI are below:

  • Create reports and dashboards documentation.
  • Collaborate, share, and integrate across products documentation.
  • Get Power BI samples.
  • Use report themes.
  • Add conditional table formatting.
  • Ways to share your work.
  • Organize work in the new workspaces.
  • Publish to web.

In Power BI, you can use AI Insights to gain access to a collection of pre-trained machine learning models that enhance your data preparation efforts. AI Insights is accessed in the Power Query Editor, and its associated features and functions are accessed through the Home and Add Column tabs in Power Query Editor.

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